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Wedges Potato

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  • Cut to those desired shapes,

  • half boil nd

  • add salt to taste,

  • then cool,

  • separately make a marinate with sauces of uo choice,

  • blackpeer,

  • oil,

  • vinegar and mayo..

  • Then dip them in an oven and bake til golden brown

Credit: Bontle’s Exotic Cuisines

12 comments on “Wedges Potato

  1. Thanks so much for everything what ingredients did u add in the marinating.apart from vinegar,mayonase,what others can I use

  2. Nice, are they peeled or the peelings are on
    – the marinate, you choose one of those sauces or all of them
    -after they have cooled down, that when you marinate them and put them.in an oven?
    And how long does it take to get ready in the oven.thanks

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