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Ths mash is to die for

Mash u peel th potatoes

  • cube

  • boil

  • add aromat

  • margarine

  • then mash when it’s done

  • aftr u add milk nd a bit mayonnaise

  • Garnish wth parsley/blackppr..

VEGES jus fry onion

  • mushroom

  • add (boiled carrot, a bit vinegar)robots.

  • crushed garlic then season


  • make a marinate (mayonnaise, sixgun gril spice, a bit vinegar, oil)

  • then marinate nd liv n th fridge a bit

  • hen put in th oven pan

  • then sprinkle rosemary on top nd cook at 230° til golden

Credit: Bontle’s Exotic Cuisines

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  1. Wow wow tht”s good & great I like it & i”m going to try it one day continue with that talent

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