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Another simple meal for you this evening.


  • You need diced onion

  • carrots

  • pepper

  • garlic

  • knorrox

  • curry powder

  • chilli flakes

  • cooking oil and rice


Wash your rice then drain the water out,on a pot fry your onions with garlic then add your pepper and carrots,add your spices then add your rice ,stir and close the lid. When the rice starts sticking to the pot then add a cup of water that has the knorrox cube in.


Avoid adding too much water because you won’t need to drain the water out.
Little water also means that your rice will be cooked without sticking to each other.
Allowing the rice to fry adds flavor,so let it soak up all the flavor then add your water (use hot water so that you knorrox dissolves quickly.


Fry your onions,pepper and tiny diced potatoes (boil them separately) then add your spinach (boil it first). You can smash the potatoes into the spinach or leave it as cubes


I will share a separate recipe for the wings


Credit: By Grace Food Affair

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  1. it looks delicious and I always wanted to eat tasty rice so now I will try to make it . thanks for sharing

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